When to Call a Damage Restoration Specialist

Signs You Need to Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

Some losses caused by water damage are not immediately evident. Many water loss damages have already occurred for a long period before they are recognized by the homeowner. The signs are already very clear by the time the homeowner recognizes them. This is mostly because people only notice things when they’re already severe, and many homeowners assume they can simply fix any water damage on their own. You have to look out for initial warning signs before the problems get worse. The following are signs you need to call a water damage restoration company.

When there is mold spore buildup

Mold does not grow without excess moisture to levels that are perceptible to the human eye. If you see mold spore buildup anywhere in your home, then you have a serious moisture problem that needs to be addressed immediately. You can wipe off the mold and bleach the area, although this may only be a temporary fix especially if the mold spores have already spread to other parts of your home.

When you smell something musty

Musty smells are generally prevalent in cellars or basements, but can also occur on other areas. This musty smell is unmistakable and is usually a sign of some sort of moisture issue. So if an area of your house gives off a musty odor, then call a water damage restoration specialist to inspect the source.

When there is peeling paint

Walls that are close to plumbing pipes traveling to the wall cavity usually have peeling paint. There could be a leak in the pipes or something else. It might be worth considering calling a water damage company to check your home for any moisture problems if you notice peeling or bubbling paint from your wall.

Don’t ignore these signs of water damage. Get in touch with a water damage restoration company like All American Restoration Specialist if you suspect water damage in your home. You can reach us at (352) 306-5495. Our company is based in Ocala, FL.