Mold Remediation and Other Quality Services

All American Restoration Specialist is a company you can trust to provide you with many great restoration services. We do fire damage and water damage restoration, as well as mold remediation. If you are in Ocala, FL, you can take advantage of all these services whenever you need them. But if you want some more information first, you have to read the following paragraphs.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

 Water Damage Restoration Service – If a pipe has burst inside your home or you haven’t noticed and roof leak and now you have a damp wall, we can help you. You can contact us whenever any type of water has gotten into your home and damaged your flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture. We have the required equipment to dry out all of the surfaces so they can be brought back to their former glory. We do that carefully because if you rush it, more damage can be done. Our water damage restoration company can do everything right, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

 Fire Damage Restoration Service – When this is the restoration service that you need, you should call us. We can restore fire damage well, and do everything in a timely manner. We offer an emergency service as well, so if this is what you need, make sure you call us right away!

 Mold Remediation Services – If mold has taken over your space, you should not hesitate to call. We are a reliable mold service provider that has over 16 years of experience and we would be happy to assist you. We will remove the mold, no matter where on your property it may be, and we will make your home environment healthier.

 For more information about the restoration contractors we can send you, dial (352) 306-5495 right away. All American Restoration Specialist can help everyone in the Ocala, FL area and we stand by for your calls!

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