The Negative Effects of Fire Damage

Why You Must Use a Fire Damage Restoration Service

Did you just go through the unpleasant experience of a domestic fire? If that is your case, keep reading because we will turn your attention towards the harmful effects of a post-blaze. We will also explain to you why using quality fire damage restoration services is of cardinal importance in order to render your household livable and safe once again.

Flames Aren’t the Biggest Issue

Many people wrongly believe that the greatest problem during a fire is the flames. In truth, smoke is the real danger. It contains chemical elements and soot particles that can cause you to suffocate during the blaze. Smoke is also the number one cause for post-fire problems. As it can penetrate in every crack, crevice, and hole, smoke will leave behind toxic and unpleasant smells that can last for days, weeks, if not months. Exposure to these elements can cause health complications such as allergies, asthma, skin rashes, and breathing difficulties.

Wood Items Are as Dangerous as Plastic Objects

Burning wooden features create smoke that contains methane, carbon monoxide, benzene, formic acid, acetic acid, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and sulfur dioxide. This mixture of elements is quite hazardous and can cause major problems when inhaled. Plastic items, on the other hand, leave behind harmful chemicals that are as dangerous. The best way to get rid of residual smoke and chemical particles is to use the fire damage restoration services of a specialist. Professionals have the tools to treat the affected areas of your property and remove all hazardous elements, including soot buildups.

The Structural Integrity Is Compromised

Fire can compromise the structural integrity of your exterior and interior walls, foundations, and roof. Have seasoned experts, examine your house in order to determine the exact condition of your property and whether it is safe for usage.

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