Get a Restoration Service Right Away Once You See the Signs!

Common Problems Found on Water Damaged Furniture  

Furniture that has been exposed to water damage should be dried immediately. If the water is not removed quickly enough, then you may end up with the likes of mold, mildew, and rust. It may also result in permanent damage to your furniture. Below are 3 of the other problems you can expect to find on water-damaged furniture! Let a restoration service help you deal with these issues!


If your wooden furniture has started bubbling or even cracking because it was damaged by moisture, then this could be a sign that dry rot is setting in! Dry rot occurs when mold or bacteria starts to grow in the wood fibers and cause them to rot from the inside out. This can result in peeling paint and splintering wood. You’ll know if your wooden pieces have been affected by dry rot because they will have a musty smell to them.


Damaged planks can be difficult to repair! Some softwoods like cedar, redwood, or mahogany are susceptible to fungal growth after exposure to moisture. When these planks begin rotting from within, they will develop cracks. Because these planks are no longer stable and can collapse at any time, it’s best to replace them instead of repairing them!


If you start finding random welding around your wooden furniture, this could be a sign of dry rot! Welds are where the wood has rotted from both ends at once, leaving behind small holes where the wood has turned into dust. While this isn’t necessarily as dangerous as other forms of dry rot, it is still best to call an expert who specializes in restoration services for this kind of problem.

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