Common Causes of Moisture Damage in Your Home

What can cause water damage to your house?

Water damage leads to many unwanted hassles in your home. It triggers the development of unhealthy mold. It also leads to expensive repairs and dangerous hazards such as part of your house collapsing. There are several ways to preventing such harm to your property. Among them is to learn and watch out for the common causes of moisture damage in your home.

Burst pipes

The plumbing system of your house is one of the most important. It helps to provide you with valuable water and to remove unhealthy waste. Yet, this system can also pose a serious risk to your property. This stems from the danger which corroded pipes pose. Such pipes form over time when the material used weakens and deteriorates. When the metal reaches its weakest point the constant pressure can cause the material to break and the pipe to burst. When this occurs several gallons of water escape the system and infiltrate your home.

Clogged Drains

Another common cause of water damage is clogged drains. These occur when one or more drains or pipe sections develop obstructions due to oil, filth or hair. This leads to wastewater not being able to drain and to accumulate in the section. This leads to the eventual backing up of the system which in turn floods your home. Such clogs can occur in every part of your house such as the bathroom, the kitchen, and others.

There are several common causes of moisture damage in your home. These include burst plumbing pipes formed by the weakening of the materials. And clogged drains due to obstructions in the form of filth, hair, and oil. If you would like to learn more about such causes, contact a professional water damage restoration contractor such as All American Restoration Specialist in Ocala, FL.