A Tough Cleaning Job

Gearing Up for Fire Damage Restoration Service

A fire is one of the worst disasters that could happen. It damages property, and it takes a toll on you emotionally. It’s hard to face losing your valuables. Fire damage restoration service providers have a difficult job. Below are some pointers to make your restoration task a little bit easier:


Before you start, you need to know that it will take time. It’s not just a one-day process. Fire damage restoration is one tough job that will take days, and even weeks, to complete. You should also be prepared for the emotional effect it will have on you. Seeing your ruined belongings can make the job of cleaning up emotionally draining.


Only enter the fire-damaged area after officials have declared it safe. Avoid any hazardous material by wearing a plastic suit, waterproof boots, goggles, gloves, and a breathing mask. Debris and chemicals can put you at risk for serious health problems. Make sure you are fully protected before you attempt any cleanup and restoration.

Water removal

The firefighters will have dumped gallons of water on your property to put out the fire. The first step to restoration is getting rid of this water.

Going through the wreckage

Once the water has been removed, you can start looking at the damage caused by the fire. Soot can get into everything, so you’ll need plenty of trash bags and sponges to get through all the items. Examine all the damaged items. Be objective and practical. Any furniture that is damaged needs to be thrown out. Have two piles—one for items to keep and another for items to throw out.

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