Frequently Asked Questions About Our Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services

All American Restoration Specialist is a professional company that specializes in water and fire damage restoration services of all sorts. We understand how devastating an event of fire or flood can be, and one may have numerous questions about the process and everything. Of course, our team will answer all your questions over the phone but you also have the option to take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions below on this page. So, if you are in Ocala, FL or the surrounding locations and are interested in fire and water damage restoration services, you may find valuable information here.

Q: What to do after a house fire?

A: After you make sure you and your loved ones are safe, you should wait for a fire marshal to declare the area safe before you can re-enter your home. Keep in mind that in the event of a severe fire, a structural engineer’s expertise might be required as well. Whether you have a permit to enter your property or not, you can contact a professional restoration service and explain the situation.

Q: What is included in a fire restoration service?

A: The first thing that a professional should do is inspect the property and make a comprehensive assessment of the sustained damage. We are licensed to do that and while the process may vary with the different contractors, here’s our fire damage restoration service explained.

  • If there is any standing water due to fire the fire extinguishing process, it should be removed and the premises fully dried.

  • The grime will be brushed and scrubbed from every surface.

  • Cleaning and sanitization the affected areas with specialized equipment and products.

  • Removing the smoke odor.

  • Possible reconstruction and fire damage repairs will be performed in a quick manner.

  • Salvageable damaged items will be restored.

Q: What will happen to my belongings?

A: Our team is trained to identify items that can be restored and items that must be replaced. We can salvage most fire-damaged household items but you have to bear in mind that in some cases, items may be beyond repair.

Q: What is included in a water damage restoration?

A: Just like after a house fire, you should make sure everyone is safe sound before anything else. Usually, you don’t need official permission to enter the premises and you can contact a professional water damage restoration service next. The process includes:

  • Inspection to evaluate the damaged property and measure the moisture content of the home.

  • Removal of standing water is crucial as the longer water sits untreated, the more likely is that additional damage can occur. We use commercial vacuums and rotate them around the room, sucking up all the water in the area.

  • It’s now time to start drying out the home. We have different types of air movers to circulate the airflow tt the room.

  • What follows now is monitoring and repairing of additional damage if necessary.

Q: How long do both the services last?

A: Water removal usually takes 2 to 3 days but in some cases, it may take up to 5 working days. When it comes to fire restoration, things can get more complicated. The time needed for a complete repair will depend on the structure of the home, the type of affected materials, the amount of debris, and many other factors. Of course, this can also take just a few days for minor fire and smoke damage repairs but for more severe cases, this process may last up to several months.

As you see, there is no exact answer for this kind of questions and we would love to address your specific case by the phone. We are All American Restoration Specialist, the professional company in Ocala, FL that has got all your fire and water damage restoration problems covered. Dial (352) 306-5495 for more questions and appointments now!

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