Are Your Clothes Smelling Musty When You Take Them Out of the Machine?

Mold Restoration Services Tips on How to Get Rid of Mold in Washing Machines

Front loading washing machines are both economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention more gentle on your clothes. But, these machines are prone to mold growth, and most people will not actually see the mold growth; and the first signs of mold in a washing machine will be the musty smell, however, mold restoration is not necessary, carry on reading to find out why.

How Mold Grows in a Washing Machine
The watertight front doors are sealed with rubber gaskets, these do trap moisture and create pockets which can be a safe harbor for both mold and mildew growth. Top loading washers, on the other hand, do not seal tightly, so the air can circulate more and stop moisture buildup and mold growth. The likes of laundry soap and fabric softeners will leave residue behind which are food sources for mold spores, and cold-water washes will not kill mold growth. Fortunately, with some regular maintenance, you can stop mold in your washing machine and protect your investment.

Clean your machines gasket. This can be done with a cloth and some hot, soapy water or mildew cleanser. Make sure you clean all the sides of the gasket, including beneath it. Rinse the gasket and allow it to dry before you replace it. Clean the soap and softener dispensers, remove them and clean them thoroughly to make sure you remove all traces of residue which can be a food source for mold. When these dispensers don’t come out, use a cloth and clean what you can reach, or you can try using a bottle brush to reach deep inside the dispensers, then thoroughly rinse.

Run a cycle on the hottest and longest setting on your machine. Some come with settings that specifically clean and sanitize. Add a cup of bleach, a cup of baking soda, ½ a cup of an enzyme dishwasher detergent, directly in the water.

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